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Various Ways to Overcome Labor Pain

Every woman has a different birthing experience. There are women who are able to overcome the pain during childbirth normally without the need for medication. But there are also those who need more treatment, such as medical assistance and simple ways, to overcome them. Pain during labor is basically a reaction from the contraction of the uterine muscles and the normal birth canal that occurs at the time of childbirth. This contraction aims to give birth to the baby and open the birth canal. With medical help, giving birth normally won't feel as painful as you think. Various medical procedures will be taken to provide comfort and also to overcome labor pain that you will undergo. How to Overcome Labor Pain Medically The following are ways to deal with pain during childbirth with medical assistance. To overcome labor pain with medication can be given pain medication or with anesthesia. Pain medication. This drug can be given to help reduce pain during labor without causing n
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These Facts Flavonoids You Need To Know

Do you know what flavonoids are? Flavonoids are a group of bioactive compounds that are found in foods derived from plants. Flavonoids are similar to antioxidants, which have a variety of benefits for your body, such as being able to repair cells damaged by free radicals. Flavonoid supplements are also thought to reduce the risk of cancer, hypertension, and diabetes. Fruits and vegetables are good food sources for you. That is because, both vegetables and fruits are rich in flavonoid content. This is a Food Source that Contains Flavonoids You probably already know the benefits of antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene that are good for your body, right? Just like antioxidants, flavonoids have benefits and a big role for the health of your body. Then, what food sources that contain lots of these flavonoid compounds? Some foods and drinks that are believed to contain this extraordinary compound, such as: Rosella Roselle extract is believed to be good for treat

Signs of Ovulation Successfully Fertilized as Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Signs of ovulation successfully fertilized in every woman can be very diverse. In fact, there are no symptoms at all. When the fertilization process is successful it can be interpreted as early signs of pregnancy as in the following review. Pregnancy is closely related to ovulation as a window of opportunity for the conception process for those of you who crave the presence of a baby. Ovulation is the process of releasing a mature egg from the ovary to the fallopian tube (the channel between the ovary and uterus) that is ready to be fertilized. Ovulation Signs or Fertility You Need to Know The signs of ovulation up to the time of each woman vary greatly. It is important for you to know the time and signs of ovulation to get a better chance of getting pregnant. Here are some physical signs that are usually experienced by women who are during ovulation, including: Mild cramps or pain on one side of the pelvis. Pain in the breast. The stomach feels uncomfortable or bloated. Incr

Factors Cause Skinny Bodies and Healthy Tips to Overcome It

Having a thin body or underweight nutritional status does not mean being healthy. There are several factors that cause thin body, including heredity, nutritional deficiencies, to certain medical conditions that you must be aware of. It is important for you to know the factors that cause thin body. Because the body is too thin can damage your health and affect the body's weak immune system, bone weakness or osteoporosis, anemia, lack of energy, to fertility disorders. How to determine whether thin body is included in the category of unhealthy underweight, can be seen from the calculation of body mass index (BMI) or BMI. Some health risks can haunt your life. Like when the immune system is weakened, then your body will be vulnerable to infections and some diseases such as flu and cough. You are also prone to lack of vitamins and minerals which are important elements in health and growth. When you lack calcium, it will have a negative impact on your bone health, such as osteoporos

Understanding the Causes and How to Overcome Anosmia

Anosmia is a condition of the sense of smell that is unable to function normally. Most cases of anosmia can be cured, but some others, could be a sign of a serious health related problem. When you smell, the olfactory nerve cells will give signals to the brain. Then the brain will identify and recognize odors. However, the sense of smell of sufferers of anosmia cannot function properly, so it cannot distinguish odors. Various Causes of Anosmia In general, anosmia caused by nasal congestion by mucus lining the inside of the nose. For example, due to colds, flu, sinusitis, allergic reactions or respiratory system reactions to poor air quality. In addition, anosmia can also be caused by various conditions such as polyps that obstruct the respiratory tract, nasal bone deformities and nasal injuries due to head trauma or surgery, or even disorders of the nerve to the central nervous system. There are also drugs and medical procedures that can cause anosmia, including antibiotics, an